Hours and Consultation Fees

We are open for appointments:

Monday – Friday 8.00am to 6.00pm
Saturday morning 9.00am to 12noon
After hours, Sundays and Public holidays please phone 5753073 You will be transferred to Homecare Medical who will direct you to the appropriate place.

Making Appointments

Please telephone for an appointment between the hours 8am to 5pm. To enable us to run to time we ask all patients to make appointments either for the doctor or nurse clinic. A normal appointment is for 15 minutes.  We also have Manage My Health in which you can make appointment for phone consultations online.  We appreciate your co-operation.

Consultation Fees

All fees based on a standard consultation for enrolled patients.

Age Enrolled Patients
18 – 64 $50
18 – 64 with CSC card $19
65 and over $47
65 and over with CSC card $19
14 – 17 $45
14 – 17 with CSC card $15
6 – 13 No Charge
6 – 13 with CSC card No Charge
Under 6 No Charge
Under 6 with CSC card No Charge

CSC card = Community Service Card

Weekend Charge – $10 extra
Repeat Prescriptions – $25
$10 booking fee applies to all accounts (credited if paid within 7 days) – casual patients are required to pay on the day prior to consultation.

Non attendance for appointments can incur a fee.

A minimal fee will also be charged for extra work done following consultations e.g. forms filled in, telephone or email messages.


 Doctors Regular Days

Dr Tony Farrell
Dr Rob Hilligan
Dr Liz Davies
Dr James Peckett
Dr Ben Trist
Dr Jess Ryan