At Mount Medical Centre, we provide a wide range of high quality healthcare services for people of all ages. For more information, please click on one of the links below.

Accident and Emergency

We have a fully equipped treatment room with advanced resuscitation equipment. Experienced Nurses and doctors who are continually updating their skills.


hearing tests
Hearing tests

Hearing tests done here at the Mount Medical Centre met ACC criteria. This means no delay in waiting for hearing tests through ACC.
So for those suffering hearing loss we can try to help process your claims sooner. Also for those patients who think they may have some degree of hearing loss and could need a hearing aids. Please make an appointment in our Nurses Clinic to have this done and allow 30 minutes for the test.

Aviation Medicals

Dr James Peckett is an Aviation Medical Examiner (ME) for the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (NZ CAA).  Aviation medical appointments are available Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri. Please email :


Careplus is a primary health care programme which aims to support and coordinate care of people with high health needs, acute medical or mental health needs, or terminal illness. It is designed for people who will benefit from regular visits to their doctor or nurse involving you in a planned and proactive approach to your healthcare.
Care Plus funding is provided to general practices to improve chronic care management, reduce inequalities, improve primary health care teamwork and reduce the cost of services for high-need patients:

– being able to benefit from intensive clinical management in primary health care (at least 2 hours of care from 1 or more members of the primary health care team over the following 6 months), and
– having 2 or more chronic health conditions, as long as each condition is one that:

  • is a significant disability or has a significant burden of morbidity; and
  • creates a significant cost to the health system; and
  • has agreed and objective diagnostic criteria; and
  • requires continuity of care and where a primary health care team approach has an important role in management; or requiring intensive clinical care because they:
  • have a terminal illness (defined as someone who has advanced, progressive disease whose death is likely within 12 months); or
  • have had 2 acute medical or mental health-related hospital admissions in the past 12 months (excluding surgical admissions); or
  • have had 6 first-level service or similar primary health care visits in the past 12 months (including emergency department visits)

If you think you may be eligible for Care Plus, ask your doctor or nurse if you could benefit from a more intensive care programme. They will assess you to see if you are eligible for Care Plus

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment CVD

Cardiovascular Risk Assessment
Cardiovascular Risk Assessment

Your heart health is crucially important. The key to preventing cardiovascular disease is managing your risk factors such as high blood pressure, total cholesterol or high blood glucose.
The best way to manage your risk is through regular cardiovascular screening. This is done by a blood test and nurse consult.
If needed, we can help you manage your heart health with advice and support on lifestyle changes and in some cases medication.

This is a free service which assesses your risk factors of having a cardiovascular event (heart attack or stroke) within a five year period, from the age of 35. Book in to our nurse-led clinic for this.

Please note – The risk calculator we use is facilitated by Karo, who hold a contract with Te Whatu Ora. The data collected during a risk assessment is shared and held by TWO for research and health service delivery planning.

Childhood Immunisations plus recall system

Childhood Immunisations
Childhood Immunisations

All the doctors actively promote all vaccinations for children. We have a lovely child friendly cubicle, specially trained nurses who provide all immunisations on the national immunisation vaccination schedule for children from birth. We also have a recall system in place to remind patients when these are due. This service is available to all enrolled patients at the Mount Medical Centre. It is very important that you and your family are up to date with your vaccinations. Tetanus boosters are recommended every 10 years but may be given before this if you have had an accident.

Our nurses will administer the immunisations, but in some instances you may need to see a doctor prior to receiving an immunisation.

Community Nurse

Our nurse can visit patients in the home at the discretion of the doctor when patients are not physically able to come to the surgery. This currently happens on Monday mornings.

Company Medicals

We provide a full range of company medicals, including Pre Employment and Periodic. New Companies to the practice wishing to take advantage of these please contact the Practice Manager for a quote.


Cryotherapy (the use of liquid nitrogen to freeze the lesion)z is available for many skin lesions. This is a procedure which is a quick and easy way of ridding the skin of a range of early cancers, and blemishes including warts, sun spots etc. Please ask your doctor if this is the right treatment for you.


Diathermy (electrical cautery) is used for a variety of lesions, such as skin tags, seborrheic warts, verruca, haemangiomas etc. Please make appointment to see the doctor to see if this is the right treatment for you.

Dive Medicals

All doctors are available to complete recreational scuba diving medicals. Forms are available online or from our links page

Drug & Alcohol Addiction

We treat a wide range of addictions ranging from nicotine to opiates and have counsellors who work from our rooms.
Dr Tony Farrell has a post graduate certificate in addiction and now is a Fellow of the Chapter of Addiction medicine. All GP’s assist in this program where we treat all addictions including behavioural and substance addictions and opioid dependence

Drivers Medicals

Mount Medical Centre offers a full range of medical aspects of fitness to drive, covering all classes of licenses and the over 75 year drivers. Please bring your current drivers license with you at the time of your appointment. For further information visit the Land Transport Website. or freephone 0800 822 422.


Electrocardiography allows us to pick up the electrical signals from the heart. This can help with diagnosing rhythm disturbances, heart strain and heart attacks.

Family Medicine

All the doctors are fellows or members of the Royal NZ College of General Practitioners. This means our doctors are competent in a wide array of areas of medicine.

Family Medicine

Female Doctors

Dr Renee Peckett, Dr Gillian Hulme and Dr Lia Brugha-Butler are able to see you for obstetric and gynaecological consultations, family planning, IUCD, jadelle and mirena insertion

General Services

Patients are seen by appointment either in clinic or by phone, normal appointment is 15 minutes. If you require more time please let the receptionist know when you make an appointment. You may be charged more for extended consultations. We do try to keep to appointment times but this is sometimes difficult if enough time has not been booked or an emergency occurs. Please feel free to contact us prior to your appointment to ascertain waiting times.

Health Assessment

We would like to offer you the opportunity to come and discuss your health needs by having a comprehensive holistic screening and assessment. This is designed to meet your personal health requirements, enabling us to set up a plan (with your doctor) for your future health and wellbeing. For the initial check please allow one hour, and 15mins for the follow-up.

INR Testing

The test used to monitor the effects of warfarin is called the International Normalised Ratio, or INR. It is a blood test that checks how long it takes for blood to clot. The higher the INR, the longer it will take blood to clot (and the higher the risk of bleeding).
This test can be done on the spot using our INR machine. This says waiting for the results to return from the Laboratory.

inr testing

Laboratory Tests

We only notify patients of abnormal results. If you want to know the results of your tests and have not been notified or have any questions regarding these, please contact us and ask our receptionist.
We also ask patients if they could make an appointment for any tests done by the nurses (bloods, blood pressures etc) so we can manage their time and avoid delays.

Maritime Seaman’s Association Medicals

Dr James Peckett and Jordan Thompson are approved by the Maritime Seaman’s Association and available to do these every day. These medicals include Audiogram which is done on our premises.

Minor Surgery

Dr Rob Hilligan

Southern Cross Affiliated – Dr Rob Hilligan (Fridays only)
Mount Medical Centre offers a wide range of minor surgery including removal of simple lesions, skin cancer removal using advanced surgical closure (flaps, skin grafts if required), Nail Wedge Resections, Vasectomy, Punch Biopsy, Full Skin checks
For all these procedures it is important that an appointment is made prior to surgery date with the doctor to evaluate and give an estimate of the cost. Please note this is an estimate only as extra materials or time could be involved.
Dr Rob Hilligan also has a contract with the WBOP PHP for minor surgery.
If you have Southern Cross please mention this to the receptionist at the time of booking your appointment so we can get approval prior to you coming to see the doctor.

Nurse Clinic

We have nurse led clinics – Monday to Friday 8.30am to 4.30pm
Clinics include; Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Contraception, Weight Loss, Asthma, Cholesterol, Health Assessment, Smears, Spirometry, Audiogram, ECG., Aclasta Infusions, Careplus & Cardiovascular Risk Assessment. Our nurses are continually updating their skills and attending courses to ensure they have the latest health information.

Nurse Prescriber

With the increasing demand on general practice, nurse prescribers are becoming more common. A nurse prescriber is a registered nurse who has done extra study to gain a qualification to enable them to prescribe from a restricted list of medications. This can help ease the load on GPs. Nurse prescribers can prescribe for acute and chronic conditions, for example antibiotics for a urinary tract infection or your usual prescription for diabetes. We have Tracy working at Mt Medical as a nurse prescriber. Let us know if you think a nurse prescriber can help you.


Mount Physio and Pilates have a room in our surgery. Please phone 07 5754080 for an appointment



Mike Chambers (Podiatrist) room is within Mount Medical Centre
Podiatry is the care of the foot. Mike deals with all aspects of foot care – ingrowing nails, corns, verrucae, plantar fasciitis, painful arches. People of all ages can suffer from foot problems, men women and young people. If in doubt about a foot problem please phone 075753302 for a consultation

Prescription Policy

Prescription Policy

We will provide repeat prescriptions for patients who have known stable medical conditions without consultation, however this is always at the doctors discretion. This service is available for ongoing medications only. It is important to have a face to face consultation with your doctor (full fee) or nurse led clinics at regular intervals.

Our policy is to see patients with the following conditions is as follows:

  • Blood Pressure checked every 3 months alternating with the doctor.
  • Diabetes – checked every 6 months.
  • Contraception – checked every year.
  • Weight Loss Medications – checked monthly alternating with the doctor
  • Asthma – checked every 6 months
  • Cholesterol – checked yearly
  • Benzodiazepines, Sleeping Tablets, Sedatives, Anti depressants or Controlled drugs are required to see the doctor each time

For any other repeat medications you need to be seen by the doctor for these at least once a year.
Please phone for repeat prescriptions at least 24hrs in advance or 48hrs via this internet site and check with the receptionist if you need to have an appointment to be seen. This service is available only to enrolled patients, all casual patients need an appointment for the doctor.

Services to shipping at Port

We provide all health needs to the port, including vaccinations, medicals, and consultations to seaman at this port.

Services to local Companies including visiting for flu vaccinations

Provision is made to visit companies for any health requirements as long as there are sufficient numbers. This includes flu vaccination, skin checks etc.

Skin Checks

All of our doctors are able to check moles / skin lesions using a dermatoscope. Drs Rob Hilligan and Ram Naidu have post-graduate qualifications in skin cancer medicine and are able to perform full body skin checks. We do not offer a mole photo-storing service at present. Skin cancer is an increasing issue in New Zealand. We recommend annual skin checks for all, especially those with a history of sunburns or previous skin cancer.

Skin Cancer Surgery/Field Treatments

Dr Hilligan is affiliated with Southern Cross to provide skin checks and appropriate surgery including facial skin flap and skin grafts. He is also and advanced plus skin cancer surgeon working for the Primary Health Care organisation providing District Health Board funded skin cancer surgery.

Smears plus a recall system

Smears are available from either the doctor or nurse. The smear test can show up early changes in the cells of your cervix that might lead to cancer. If changes are found, steps can be taken to prevent cervical cancer. Regular smear tests are therefore recommended for all women who have ever been sexually active under the age of 70 years. If you have had a hysterectomy you may not need to have a smear.
A reminder is sent to patients when this is due. This service is available to all enrolled patients at the Mount Medical Centre. Patients are only phoned if results are abnormal, but are encouraged to phone us for their results. They take approximately 10 days.

Smoking Cessation

smoking cessation
Help to stop smoking

Are you ready to take the monumental step towards a healthier, smoke-free life? At Mount Medical, we are dedicated to empowering you on your journey towards smoking cessation. Our doctors specialize in providing comprehensive support tailored to your unique needs. Quitting smoking is more than just breaking a habit; it’s an investment in your future well-being. Imagine the benefits of bidding farewell to cigarettes: not only will you save money on smokes, but you’ll also enhance your quality of life in ways you might not have imagined. Reclaim your vitality, feel better both physically and mentally, and give yourself the opportunity to witness precious moments, like the joy of spending time with your grandchildren. Don’t wait any longer. Take the first step in your smoke-free journey by scheduling an appointment with one of our compassionate doctors. Your health and wellness are our top priorities, and we’re here to provide the guidance and care you need to succeed.


Check your lung function with our spirometer. This is a great way to make sure you are taking the correct medication for your needs. All smokers should have one of these as some are very susceptible to hidden lung disease. It is also recommended that asthmatics have one annually.

Travel Doctor including vaccinations

aviation medicals
Aviation and travel medicals

Drs  James Peckett and Dr Jessica Ryan

Mount Medical Centre provides a full travel service including advice, vaccinations and any medicines required. Drs Jessica Ryan and  James Peckett have both sub specialised in this area and Mount Medical Centre offers comprehensive range of vaccines including Yellow Fever. They have a strong interest in Travel Medicine. Preparing for travel into developing countries is very important and we suggest if you can’t  afford travel insurance and a travel medicine consultation then you shouldn’t go. This has become particularly relevant now with the evolution of the Coronavirus and also Zika virus and its implications for young women in their reproductive age. Travel consults are offered involving a ½ hour appointment then time with the nurses for vaccinations. We provide a comprehensive Medical Travel report for the countries you are visiting and sock not only vaccines but insect repellents, mosquito nets etc.

We are a member of Worldwise Online, which provides us with weekly updates and the latest travel vaccine and disease information.

Vaccination to protect you against a number of diseases is recommended before travelling to certain countries where there is a high risk for that disease.

Book well in advance of your trip so you know what vaccinations are needed, when they should be administered and to ensure you have enough time to complete the course or have any booster doses required.

It is also best to have your doctor here in New Zealand administer the vaccinations so that you are assured of safe needle and sterilisation techniques. If you do need a vaccination overseas make sure that it is administered with a single-use sterile needle under hygienic conditions, if possible.

Some countries require proof of vaccination against certain diseases before they will allow you entry and these requirements change according to the status of outbreaks. The World Health Organization provides a country list of vaccination requirements and malaria situation in its International Travel and Health online publication.

Weight Loss Clinic

Weight loss can be a continual battle for some of us, let us help you to keep on track.
We will monitor your weight and eating habits for three months as required and give you advice and any referrals required. Our nurse led weight loss clinic is available now just phone for an appointment in the Nurse Clinic.

Yellow Fever Vaccination

Dr Jessica Ryan and Dr James Peckett are approved Yellow Fever vaccinators. If you do require this vaccination for travel please mention when making the appointment.