Changes to funding for appointments related to COVID-19 infection and assessment

As of Monday 13th February, the Primary Care funding for those presenting with symptoms suggestive of Covid-19 or for those diagnosed with Covid-19 will be changing. This will include a shift towards more targeted care for those at greater risk of complications from Covid 19 or those more vulnerable from the disease. Unfortunately, this means that for the majority of those presenting with Covid-19 symptoms or for those with Covid -19 any consultations with a doctor will be at the patient’s expense. We have strict funding criteria that if met then no charge will incur for the patient. This will be quite a significant change for our patients and we ask for your understanding during this time as we shift to the new funding regime.  

Saturday morning clinics

After many years of providing a service to our patients on Saturday mornings, we regret to inform you that we are now no longer able to do so. 

We are experiencing extra demand on our services, and there is a nationwide shortage of General Practitioners and nurses. Our strategy is to prevent burnout and fatigue in our doctors and staff, so they can provide better service to you in the longer term. We feel that this decision will assist us in providing a continuous and quality service in the future. 

We acknowledge that this creates some inconvenience for our patients. Our doctors have been and still are engaged in the Accident and Healthcare after hours system which will cover all consultations for our patients on Saturday mornings from Saturday 16 July 2022. Tauranga Hospital Emergency Department is also available 24/7 for emergencies. Accident and Healthcare is located at 19 Second Avenue and is open 8am-9pm every day. Please also follow the advice on our after hours message if needed on the weekend or call Healthline on 0800 611 116. 

Appointments and reducing the risk of infection within Mount Medical Centre (Updated 09/2/23)

Masks:  We ask that you and any support people/family that you bring with you please wear a mask within the building, especially if you have any symptoms of cough, runny nose, fever or sore throat. As we see a lot of infectious disease, we want to protect our patients (especially those with a poor immune system) as well as our staff as much as possible.  

Appointments: When booking an appointment, you will be asked if you have any symptoms suggestive of a cold or flu virus. Please let our reception know if this could be the case so you can be booked in appropriately.  

                   : For those with symptoms similar to a cold, flu or Covid-19,  a phone appointment with a doctor will be booked who can then decide as to the appropriate management. Your doctor may be able to do everything over the phone as a lot of viral type illnesses can be appropriately managed this way.         

                  : If you have no symptoms similar to a cold, flu or Covid-19 and are booking a consult, then you will be asked if you are currently in self-isolation. If so, you will need to have a phone consult initially with a doctor/nurse.  

Making Appointments

Please telephone for an appointment between the hours 8am to 5pm. To enable us to run to time we ask all patients to make appointments either for the doctor or nurse clinic. A normal appointment is for 15 minutes.  We also have Manage My Health in which you can make an appointment for phone consultations online.  We appreciate your co-operation.

Please do not arrive at Mount Medical Centre without an appointment. 
When you call you will speak to a staff member who will help you with the following:

  • If you need a script, we’ll send it electronically to your pharmacy for you to pick up.
  • We will not prescribe for more than 3 months for safety reasons.
  • You can request regular prescriptions via Manage My Health (please ring reception if you wish to register for this)

If You have an On-site Appointment

  • You will need to sanitise your hands when you enter our building, and please see above regarding mask use.
  • We ask you to minimise people coming into the practice with you and that they also comply with our mask use policy.

We understand that you may be feeling a great deal of unease and we want to reassure we’re doing everything we can do so we all stay safe.